Magnova Certified Cybersecurity Engineer

Networking Concepts


  • IP Addressing.
  • Types Of IP address.
  • How Computer Communication.
  • Transport Procotocol
  • IP Planning.
  • DNS Server and Various types of DNS records.
  • Understanding Of OSI model and reference layer devices.
  • TCP/IP Packet Understanding.
  • 3 Ways Handshake
  • Router, Switches
  • Understanding Of designing Corporate network etc.
  • Understanding Of Firewall.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Proxy
  • Email Gateway (Email Security)
  • DLP
  • End Point Security

ArcSight Admin & SoC Analyst


  • Lifecycle of Event.
  • ArcSight Architecture.
  • ArcSight ESM, Logger Installation.
  • Smart connectors Installation and its functioning and features.
  • Log source onboarding & Log baselines. Content Creation on ESM
  • Creating Filters, Active channels, field sets.
  • Creating Active Lists, Rules.
  • Dashboards & Data monitors.
  • Queries, Templates, Reports, Trends. nts
  • User Creation, password reset
  • ArcSight Command center walkthrough.
  • Logger search query and data extraction.
  • Introduction of SIEM and ArcSight Tool.
  • Architecture Of ArcSight, Dual destination setting.
  • Installation Of ArcSight Smart Connector.
  • Understanding of Normalization, Filtering,Aggregation, Cache, Batching.
  • Introduction Of loggers.
  • How to search event on logger
  • Microfocus ArcSight Support Resources
  • ArcSight deployment ArcSight Architecture.
  • Linear Architecture, Dual destination and Failover Architecture.
  • Different ports and protocol being used Across all ArcSight Components.
  • Integration of various devices with ArcSight such as Windows, Unix, Firewall, Syslog etc...
  • Troubleshooting of Connector Issues, and Identify.
  • Overview Of ESM Console.
  • Creation Of Active Channels.
  • List, Season List.
  • Rules, Query, and Reports.
  • Dashboards & Data monitors.
  • User Administration. Incidents Notifications.
  • Optimization Of ArcSight ESM Resources.
  • Overview Of ArcSight Command Center.
  • ArcSight ESM Peering. Backup & Archival Setting.
  • Realtime scenarios of various incidents and Remediation Steps

Splunk SIEM Security


  • Introduction Of SIEM and Splunk Tools.
  • Understanding various components of splunk.
  • Various deployment Architecture of splunk
  • Installation of Splunk Enterprise and Search head.
  • Introduction to Splunk's User Interface.
  • Define Splunk Apps.
  • Installation Splunk Apps and Addons.
  • Understanding the Splunk Indexes.
  • Using Seacrhing and Reporting inthe Splunk.
  • Creating Reports and Visualizations.
  • Working With Working With Dashboards.
  • Creating and managing Alerts
  • Creation Of Correlation Rules.
  • Managing Incidents review in Splunk
  • Enterprise Security.
  • Customize notable event setting in
  • Splunk Enterprise Security.
  • Analyzing the incidents whether its true Positive or False positive.
  • How to Create Incident on the Ticketing tool and report Incidents.

Course Fees :-

INR 1,15,000/-+18% GST

Course Duration :-

3 Months

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